Motorhome Hire: Finding The Best Deal


With a motorhome you can enjoy a fun filled vacation with your family without having to worry about finding accommodation every night, or sticking to a tight schedule like you’re back at work. With the cost of family vacations going steadily up as hotels and airfares get more expensive, hiring a motorhome can be the perfect answer to your money worries, provided you shop intelligently.

A motorhome is also a great way to have some one-on-one time with family while away on holidays. There are beds inside the camper to sleep on which are either fixed or flexible and can be folded away (dont’ worry there’s also air conditioning for those steamy summer nights). There’s also a functioning kitchen with an oven, grill and sink etc. as well as a bathroom and in some cases, a shower. This ensures that the journey is spent in relative comfort, even while on the open road. But then that’s the whole idea. A motorhome is much larger than an RV and the main aim here is to have all the comforts of home.

There are various agencies across the world which hire out motorhomes. These are usually privately owned vehicles, which an agency rents out on commission basis to travelers or tourists.

They will maintain the vehicle, cover fuel charges, and will generally look after cleaning once the vehicle is returned as well. Vehicles will be insured by the hire companies, but you may have to spend extra if you want “excess cover” for smaller claims. However, if saving money is the name of the game, be aware that any optional extras do not come cheap. These features coupled with the motorhome leasing agency’s commission can be quite expensive and so a family should definitely weigh up the cost vs benefits of each item on offer.

Tips for saving with motorhome hire agencies

– Motorhomes come in different sizes and shapes depending upon the number of people and the distance being covered and the rates depend upon the same so plan carefully and book according to your needs.

– travel during off-season, it will be cheaper, and you may pick up a deal in the process

– If you are planning to go on the peak season, book in advance, as it can help save a lot of money and stress

– Be aware motorhomes come in both 2 and 4 wheel drive. Choose according to the location you will be travelling, as 4WD’s will cost extra.

– Online comparison sites can save you a lot of money by showing similar vehicles to what you require from various agencies.

– Read popular blogs like LivinOnTheRoad to find out when low season is. (rentals are usually cheaper)

– Most motorhome hire agencies keep the motorhome stocked with utensils, television and other items as well, so you need not bring the same.

With these few tips in mind you can save yourself a lot of money, and create yourself an amazing holiday adventure in the process. Just make sure you choose the correct motorhome dealer!

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